How to deal with and handle an occasion when trying to lose weight.

Going out and occasions come in lots of forms, night out with the girls, date night, cinema night, wedding, christening, lunch out, BBQ’s, work night out, xmas even.  Some we can plan better for and some will be just sprung on us, it’s how we deal with them that’s the biggy.

Strategies to put in place can be:-

1..Banking your calories eg save 500 cals a day then use them on that night out/occasion

2. Eat strategic throughout the day, eat later in the day, eg skip breakfast, small meals throughout the day, eat mostly protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer more satiated.

3. Check the menu of the restaurant before you go and decide what your going to have so you don’t need to look again on the night when your hungry and then be tempted to choose a more calorific meal.

4. Strong mindset on the night – don’t allow yourself to be swayed – stick to your guns, its your body you’re trying to transform, your friends or colleagues won’t be bothered they only care what they look like.

5. Your not missing out if its a decision you’ve made

6. Remember your WHY, why are you trying to lose weight, health, feel better, a bigger occasion eg birthday wedding holiday, because you want to feel and look good in your own skin

7. exercise on the day will always help to keep you on track

8. Drink plenty of water sipping not gulping so we don’t bloat.

9. Keep that dress your wearing hung up on sight to keep you motivated

10. If you do slip up and let loose, or think this may happen have a back up plan for the next day – healthy foods in cooked ready so no excuse not to eat them, water by the bedside, Go for a walk to freshen up, it does help. Don’t just think or bugger it I’ve slipped up might swell wait until Monday now and start again then, or even start again the next day……….start again straight away, don’t allow one bad meal or decision to lay out the rest of your day / night.

11. don’t hate yourself  for it, it is what it is, you’ve done it, put it behind you, don’t wallow in it. One night is not going to out do all the hard work you’ve put in for months etc, weekend after weekend of the same antics will and its that you need to control.  Sometimes we do it and then realise its not as good as you thought, that piece of cake only tastes good for the first bite the rest is just trying to recapture that first taste until its all gone.

12 Going out with your friends and family having a laugh its a major de-stressor that can and will help you loads and even help you stay on track. Releasing those happy endorphins and if you count calories / macro’s work it in for the day/week

Healthy Swaps

  • Ask for dressing to be put in a separate jug, so the onus is on you how much you have, and you have a visual of it
  • Opt for boiled potatoes without butter
  • Slim line gin and tonic or vodka instead of beer or wine.
  • Water in-between to slow the drinking down
  •  Stick to buying your own drinks then you know how much you’ve had
  • Opt for 2 starters instead of a starter and a main
  • Opt for white meats or fillet steak as lower in calories but healthier versions
  • Potatoes instead of chips, or just salad or veg. Especially if you want a dessert
  • Ask yourself am I really hungry do I need to order all that, going out doesn’t have to be a three-course meal
  • Cinema date – popcorn by the kernel as opposed to sweet cinema bought popcorn or crisps. Dark choc instead of milk chocolate, halo or twister lollies rather than ben and Jerrys. Carrots and fruit (berries) instead of pick and mix.  Most of the time its just habit to eat at the cinema, so bring your own healthier versions.
  • Fibre one bars, highlight hot chocolate sachets, rice cakes, spiralize your foods carrots zucchini’s etc. cauliflower rice

Don’t buy them in chocolates crisps, savories, alcohol

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