Self-sabotage and the fear of losing your identity

Are you guilty of this?

Do You start off with all the right intentions?

Are you easily led?

Do you want to change your habits, dump the bad and invest in some new ones that serve you better?

Most people start off really well with all good intentions towards their goal, now remember everyone’s goals are different and don’t all revolve around weight loss. However, we are going to stick with the goal being weight loss.

We’ve all heard the quotes if nothing changes, nothing changes fail to prepare, prepare to fail and if you eat what you’ve always eaten, you’ll weigh what you’ve always weighed

But still we quit before we’ve started WHY is this?

One of the biggest reasons is that people are frightened of losing their identity eg the drinker – I’m the one who is always the drunkest, if I diet etc then I won’t be. The foodie –  I’m always the ones who has the 3 courses, if I diet people won’t want to go for a meal with me. The funny one, if I diet, I’ll me miserable and grumpy, I won’t be any fun to be around.

These are all halters to why we struggle to change our habits for the better.

Yet deep down we A) want to change for many reasons, health being the major one, to feel better in our skin, to run round with my children without being out of breath B) if they are truly your friends they will love and support your decision, they love you for you. If they don’t, they were never truly your friend C) Your choice to better yourself is a form of self-care and should be praised.

How do we change this?

We need to ask ourselves how much do we want it? We need to grow our mindset, lose the negativity, be around people who inspire you, positive people who will support you and your goals. Baby steps, be smart with your goals. Journal your journey to learn from it. Be firm with yourself-create a vision board for your journey. We also need to ask ourselves a VERY IMPORTANT question – is it self sabotage or is it self soothing? eg I want to lose weight, but something stressful happens, so we eat crap, think we’ve ruined our healthy streak and continue to eat said crap to make ourselves feel better, but we don’t , we’ve just tried to make ourselves feel better with the one thing we didn’t want to do because of something that happened in our lives, we soothed our self with food 🙈…..what’s important is we learn from this and MORE IMPORTANTLY learn how to react positively in a stressful situation.



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