Let’s dive right in.

It’s easy to think of stress as ‘just’ a feeling.

However, stress is an evolutionary response which has evolved to trigger your Central Nervous System (CNS) and flood your body with ‘fight or flight’ hormones.

Because these are chemicals, they can change how your body functions.

What Causes Stress?

Many things! Being late for work, thinking about the amount you have to do, getting into an accident, preparing for a presentation, children… the number of stressors in our lives are endless. Stress doesn’t have to be a big thing that’s happened it can be the smaller thing, but it’s how we react to it

So what actually happens?

When you encounter something stressful, the hypothalamus (the control centre of your brain) sends out a signal to your body to start producing stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol). When this happens, your breathing gets quicker, your heartbeat gets faster and your muscles begin to tense up.

This response is a gift of our biology – it’s designed to give us the strength we need to move to safety in the presence of a threat. However, since we’ve evolved, we no longer need this as much and it can negatively impact our lives.

How does it affect our bodies?

⛔️ Your breathing and heartbeat becomes faster. This can cause breathing difficulties (especially for people with existing breathing issues) and increase blood pressure. Anxiety, not being able to take that deep breath and then we panic (panic attack)

⛔️ Your digestive system changes. The combination of the flood of hormones with your increased breathing and heart rate can cause acid reflux, nausea, and diarrhea. That sickness feeling

⛔️ Your muscles tense up. Muscle tension can lead to pain around your body, particularly headaches which are often a result of tension in the neck.

Not great, right? There are many more effects like compromised immune system, acne breakouts, and more – the list goes on – but you get the picture.

⛔️ Halts weight loss- increases cortisol which can lead to over eating and cause your body to store fat.

Too much stress = not good for you.

How can we improve?

Stress isn’t something you can fix, but it is something that you can manage. Here are some proven strategies that reduce stress:

1. Eat a healthy diet

2. Sleep for 7-8 hours per night

3. Get regular exercise

4. Reduce coffee and alcohol intake

5. Learn meditation and deep breathing techniques. Yoga and pilates

6. Make time for self-care each day

Many of these strategies work hand-in-hand. For example, if you’re exercising, you’ll also get better sleep at night , it helps regulate our eating and releases happy hormones. Meditation can help with the breathing and our mindset on how we process stressful situations. The Biggy is it’s a form of self-care.

Powerfit is holding a FREE event on the 10th August 7-8PM to discuss EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. Please come along to this informative education eventing, myself and max and very much looking forward to sharing these techniques with you, to help you create a better stronger version of you! ❤️

If you would like more information or a wellness/nutrition consultation, please contact for more information.

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