Wellness and the older client (65+)

As we get older our routine changes, we sleep more, move less and don’t consider our nutrition as we should. Below are a few pointers that I think we need to focus on more to increase our health markers.

This explains the importance of tailoring our approach to our older clients, bearing in mind their mobility, motivation and ability to adapt to exercise, ensuring these extra years are as healthy as possible.

Protein being the top one…. We need an adequate protein amount to help our bones grow and stay strong, preventing osteoporosis and sarcopenia.

Fluid intake – many struggle to meet their fluid intake for many reasons eg mobility, lack of thirst, continence issues

Variety – eat the rainbow, fruit, veg, grains etc. Eat a variety of all macronutrients as each serve a purpose in how efficiently the body runs.

Quick and easy meal and snack ideas to reduce malnutrition. Malnutrition is a big problem amongst the older population, consuming low levels of vitamins and minerals, especially Vit D and iron

Exercise – to build and maintain bone and muscle strength, reduce falls through improving balance. Increased physical activity can prevent and reverse sarcopenia.

If you would like more information or a wellness/nutrition consultation, please contact for more information.

Take a look at the great feedback I’ve achieved already 

“I’ve been a client of Julie’s for just under a year now and my fitness, strength and flexibility have improved significantly. Most noticeably, my cardio fitness has increased and sits way above average for my age. It’s been very positive and hugely motivating. As a pescatarian we discuss the importance of nutritional requirement for all macronutrients which I have taken onboard.” (Mr W Newby)

“People take up resistance training for a variety of reasons. My motivation was that, now in my seventies, I was suffering severe arthritis from several injuries collected decades ago. As well as pain in several areas of my body the condition affected my sleep patterns; I rarely got more than four hours sleep each night; and my joints had stiffened and become less mobile. I approached Julie and asked if she could arrange a routine which would help me regain some joint mobility. I attend twice each week and over the past year have seen a steady general improvement. My neck and shoulders have especially improved, I sleep longer because I am in less pain, and I walk more freely and for longer distances. I feel and notice all these myself, but it is nice to have independent confirmation of the improvements.

One of my problems has been with my right ankle and foot; because of this I have bespoke insoles made for my shoes. The process involves examination and assessment before the insoles can be made. On a recent visit to have new insoles made the assessment was that, from being almost seized up, my ankle now had a full range of movement.

At my age I cannot expect that my arthritis will be eradicated completely, but the improvements Julie has helped me achieve have certainly improved my quality of life. We discuss nutrition and the importance of protein specifically.” (Mr K Chesworth)

“I have been running he fells for nearly 40 years, with the odd trail, cross country and road thrown in. About 8 years ago, my back and knees were telling me they could not run as fast or as far as I had been used to and it was suggested Pilates might help. I have been attending a Pilates class once a week for the last 8 years and I know it has helped me lots. It became apparent a few months ago, that whilst I was fit and still entering races and winning my class (70+), some parts of me were struggling to keep up, mainly because running is all I have done. Wear and tear were taking its toll. I started coming to the gym class once per week and then increased to two. Some of the sessions we work on my legs especially trying to strengthen my knees, stretching, especially my back, weights for my upper body, in which I had no strength at all. I can do everything asked of me in the gym, but some movements are limited, and some require a lot of effort, due to the immobility of certain parts of my body. I have certainly felt my stamina on the fells has much improved as is my agility to get over stiles and ditches. My classes are set out for me, but are always modified to help with any niggles or injuries I may have. I am a keen advocate of any form of exercise which enables a person to say fit and well and as mobile as possible whilst enjoying themselves in what they are doing.” (Mrs K Goth)

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