Know your numbers

Body Composition

None of us are the same, so you may find that an exercise and eating plan which works for your friend isn’t working for you. It’s all down to our body composition and I can help identify where you’re at right now in order to get the right plan in place.

Body composition testing allows us to see your body’s make up; how much is fat, how much muscle, and how much water. By digging into these areas, we can work out what course of action you may wish to take.

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Nutrition Advice

Personalised Macros

Many people swear on macro counting and others just find it far too complicated! But that’s why I’m here! Counting macros is a popular plan for people looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass, helping you keep a track of the calories and types of foods you eat in order to achieve your goals.

By understanding what you’re seeking to achieve I can personalise a macro plan to help you get there and continue to advise and amend the plan as you progress or your requirements change.

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Nutrition advice

Diet plans

There are so many diet plans available, promising so many things, you can often find yourself flitting from plan to plan. What I seek to do it to educate my clients about adopting a nutritional, healthy diet for life and not just to get into your holiday clothes next year!

I want more for you than just the short-term fixes. I want to help you develop a healthy relationship with food and stop feeling guilty about cheat days and guilty treats.

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