3-day Retreat – 17th – 19th June, 2022

Let us help you find your body confidence – and keep it.

Our retreats give you the opportunity to spend three, jam-packed days with like-minded people, gaining knowledge on body confidence, all things nutrition, health and fitness, well-being and self-defence.

Together we bust common nutrition and exercise myths, ensuring you’re armed with the right information to take your body confidence forward.

What’s included?

  • All meals and snacks across the 3 days 2 nights,
  • Luxury accommodation
  • 3-day itinerary of exercise-based sessions
  • Full body compositions on day 1 & 3
  • Yoga & Pilates sessions
  • Body confidence and nutrition seminars
  • Hikes in the amazing surrounding countryside
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Join and enjoy with friends, old and new.

Perhaps you’re finding nutrition and healthy eating confusing or it maybe you simply need the time and headspace to think about it properly.

We work with a hand-selected team of amazing, multidiscipline instructors; including yoga, pilates and functional fitness trainers and nutritional advisors all of who make this experience one to remember for life.

ALL accommodation, activities, seminars and food are catered for within your event price.


The great outdoors

Walking & bootcamp

We love the great outdoors and can’t get enough of it on our retreats. We carefully map out a selection of walks and hikes suitable for all fitness levels.

Our early morning bootcamp style sessions are designed as a kick-start and to gear us up for the day ahead.


Body & Mind

Yoga & Pilates

To help stretch out the body and relax and unwind after a full day of high intensity activity, we run a series of yoga and pilates workshops.

The sessions are run by highly qualified instructors and are designed for all levels of fitness. If you’ve never tried yoga or pilates before, now is a perfect opportunity.


Nutritional meals

Fuelling your goals

Fuelling your body with the right foods is a vital part of your fitness journey. I can help you become smarter about your eating, offering nutritional advice and helping you break old habits.

We will look at the type of foods you need to eat if you want to achieve your goals, from a simple list of good foods you might want to incorporate into your eating, to strategies you should be putting in place to maintain a sustainable and healthy relationship with food.

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